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Non-Emergency Transportation services

Valley transport is committed to provide integrated, high quality, medical and non-medical transportation to the members, facilities, and communities in which we serve. We strive to set the bar with our reliability, exceptional experience and quality fleet of vehicles that go the extra mile. We aspire to provide the highest quality of service with a direct focus on our clients' needs and comforts. We want to make our client’s experience with us an affordable and pleasant one by providing them with the highest level of assistance.


Standard Vehicles

Valley Transport maintains all vehicles and vehicle equipment adequately to meet the desirable requirement. Whether our clients need a low riding sedan or a spacious SUV, we have all. All the vehicles are compliant with safety and mechanical operating and maintenance standards and are duly approved from Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) licensing requirements and safety standards


Wheelchair Accessible vans

Members on a wheelchair needs special care and assistance while traveling. Proudly Valley Transport offers both standardized wheel-chair accessible vans that can fit in any model of wheelchair including the bariatric or wheel chair scooters and specially trained for securement wheelchair van drivers who drive their clients with proper love and care.


Call Centre Services

Valley Transport has established and maintains a fully staffed call center to respond to requests and questions from members, member designated representatives as well as providers. On average, we receive 1200+ phone calls per day and we handle all manner of calls including but not limited to real-time trip scheduling, trip modifications, providing estimated time of arrival, special client needs etc. Our company uses a sophisticated IP based phone system which is backed by a fiber line. This phone system allows our staff extreme flexibility in handling each request that they get as well as high levels of accountability.


Confirmation Calls

To provide our clients with the comfortable experience our customer’s department give our clients a sweet reminder call and confirm their pickup time and address for the very next day. Confirmation calls allow our clients to keep up with their pickup specially when they have an important doctor’s appointment.


Passenger Assistance and Trained Drivers

Passenger Assistance is the unique service that sets us apart from normal cab companies. Valley Transport offers door to door transportation to all our clients. Our drivers are trained on First Aid, CPR, Defensive driving and Passenger Service and Safety courses. Our drivers know the importance of being professional and are well versed with the customer service and communication stress Management. They are specially trained on emergency handling procedures and evacuation process.